The artist, who was born in 1986 in Inebolu, studied Graphic Design in Mimar Sinan Fine Arts UniversityHe produced cover and theme illustrations for magazines and book covers for publishing houses. He assumed the role of art director for Ithaki Publishing before he started to create poster designs for various festivals. A selection of these works included animations and advertisement campaigns for Rock’n Coke 2011Bursa Film FestivalMalatya Film Festival and Antalya Film Festival. He created numerous posters for various theatre halls, Bakirköy Municipal TheaterModa SahnesiOyun AtölyesiDasDasGalataPerformBaba Sahne to name a few. He designed posters for award-winning movies such as Kis Uykusu (Winter Sleep)Ahlat Agaci (The Wild Pear Tree)Daire (Circle) and Kelebekler (Butterflies). His animated short film Salkim Sögüt (Weeping Willow) won awards in several film festivals. Weeping Willow was awarded the Golden Boll at the Adana Film FestivalThe Best Animation at the Izmir Short Film Festival and Best Native Animation at the Istanbul Animation Festival. He was the DOP for the short movie MOD, for which he was awarded the Best Director of Photopgraphy in Sinepark Short Film Festival curated by Galatasaray University. Numerous national and international exhibitions showcased his works.
He had his first solo exhibition Tatli Kâbuslar (Sweet Nightmares) in December 2013 in Milk Gallery, his second solo exhibition Tövbeler Tövbesi! (Never Again!) in November 2017 in the Bant mag. venue Bina, and his third solo exhibition in 2018 in Izmir International Fair under the title Karisik Kaset (MixTape). In 2019, he was featured in TASCHEN’s THE ILLUSTRATOR - 100 Best From Around The World. The artist continues to work in his studio in Istanbul.
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